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Roundtable with ESCo
Energy audits
Meeting of the partners in June: state of play and tasks ahead
meeting giugno2015

The third meeting of the project partners took place the 10th of June and was the occasion to make the point about the progress of the project and discuss the next steps. The meeting was especially dedicated to the deepening of the aspects related to approach, methodology and documentation related to the first call for tender to be launched in autumn. The tender invitation will be prepared taking into account the ideas emerged during the panel discussion with the ESCo. This will be the main activity that will involve the partners until the start of the call. The results of the energy audits carried out so far have been presented: in addition to the buildings of the municipalities included in the first call (Bruino, None, Piossasco, Orbassano, Volvera), other, from the municipality of Bibiana, Germagnano, Rivalta and the Metropolitan City of Torino have been involved. In total, the energy audits for 23 buildings have been completed and an economic evaluation of the investments is ready. The audits will continue in the coming months, involving all the municipalities adhering to the project.

Dissemination activities: 2020Together in many national and international events

The 2020Together project was presented in different national and international events, demonstrating the innovative models of the energy performance contracting - EPC - that it aims to promote.

The 21st of April 2020Together was host in the webinar organized by the head office of the Covenant of Mayors, just to illustrate to a number of European municipalities the opportunities offered by European projects

The Conference "Smart to Future Cities", a major event on sustainable and smart development of urban areas, took place in London on April the 28th; it was another valuable opportunity to present the project and undertake new contacts with organizations that develop projects on efficiency energy.

During the public lecture on "Monitoring Process of the Action Plans for Sustainable Energy" held in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) the 21st of May, the project was disclosed as a case study on the use of European funds for the access and the use of energy data for the implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency of buildings and public lighting thanks to new forms of financial partnership between local government and private investors.

Other occasions to present the activities of 2020Together project, always in spring, but this time in Italy, have been a special meeting aimed at fifteen mayors near the city of Pinerolo and a technical workshop for public administrations entitled "Energy efficiency in hospital facilities” held in Turin at Environment Park the 19th of May.

The event organized by the Area Science Park of Trieste, in collaboration with Environment Park within the European project Emilie, allowed the major players operating in the sector of energy efficiency through third parties to compete on the models of the EPC contract.

On the 9th of June, at the headquarters of Basilicata Innovazione in Potenza, 2020Together project was presented during the technical workshop aimed at public administration entitled "Models of innovative financing for energy efficiency investments in the PA". The event, always within the European project Emilie, allowed the comparison of the main models used to involve ESCOs in the field of a better efficiency of the housing stock owned by the public authorities on the Italian territory.

Finally, the 6th of July, at the Provincial Mediateca of Matera, the project figured among the most significant initiatives in progress during the workshop "Innovative models for energy efficiency in public administration". The event, organized by the Province of Matera as part of the Festa project funded by the European Programme Horizon 2020, has been a moment of presentation and comparison between public and private actors and the financial system in the purpose of providing information and training opportunities related to technological processes of financial and contractual mechanisms involving ESCOs.

Networking activities with other projects

A comparison and exchange of experiences with those who manage similar projects as 2020Together: this is the spirit of the webinar organized by the partners of the project on June 10 with Marche Region, Province of Chieti, Province of Girona (Spain) and ENEA.

The web conference wsa attended by representatives of the following projects:

  • Marte project (Marche Region): use of FESR
  • Girona project: interventions on public building
  • Elena project of Chieti: interventions on public lighting
  • ENEA: responsible in drawing up the national guidelines on EPC
The comparison underlined some ideas for a better development of future actions. A questo primo seminario di networking, risultato particolarmente costruttivo per confrontarsi con altre realtà simili, faranno seguito ulteriori scambi di collaborazione con gli altri progetti. To this first networking, particularly constructive, will follow further exchanges of collaboration with other projects.


The City of Turin and the procurement on innovation
scuole torino

The experience acquired by the City of Turin in the procurement on innovation and the state of the art of the main projects in which the City is involved on the subject.

Procurements on innovation are one of the most important instruments supporting innovation used by the PA; these are indeed a powerful lever for policies for the development of territorial systems and can contribute to the rationalization of the public spending, facilitating more effective solutions and acting in supporting competitiveness. Procurements on innovation are extremely linked to the development of the strategy Torino Smart City and represent an important target for the City that already devotes since the 90s the 3% of its service contracts to those with social clause, and since 2006 has signed the Protocol o Ecological Public Purchases of the Province of Turin.

Since the last five years, the City has developed a specific policy to support public procurements on innovation, through studies and experimentations - mainly within European projects - in the fields of sustainable public lighting and catering for schools. These projects provide the City a chance to work on innovative ways of managing contracts, starting with the pre-call activities (comparison with the market) up to the drafting of a tender invitation based on performances, not interfering with the potential of innovative solutions. Of particular interest: the PROBIS project - Supporting public procurement of building innovative solution  - which involves the construction of a procurement on innovation for the energy efficiency of a building owned by the city in Via Bologna 74 and finally, the PRO-LITE project – Procurement of lighting technologies in Europe  - for which has recently been launched the procurement on innovative solutions for the lighting of two schools site in Turin.


Upcoming activities
  • Drafting of the terms of reference for the launch of the first call for proposals by autumn 2015
  • Prosecution, until December 2015, of the activities on energy audits on the buildings of the municipalities of: Bibiana, Bandissero T.se, Borgone Susa, Bussoleno, Chieri, Germagnano, Pino T.se, Poirino, Rivalta T.se, S . Maurizio Canavese, Sant'Ambrogio, Santena, Settimo T.se and Venaria Reale. At the same time there will be the analysis of the sections of the the public lighting in the municipalities involved.
  • Next project meeting in November with the presence of the project officer from Bruxelles
  • Organization in October of the training for SMEs, which will be, among other things, an opportunity to present the guidelines on EPC by ENEA and the future lines of regional funding that will probably start by December 2015
  • Organization of the next roundtable: after the announcement of the first call, will be held a moment of confrontation with the banks, to assess the conditions and obstacles to the access to the credit for ESCOs.
  • Establishment of a network with who is developing similar projects as 2020Together.