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The project 2020TOGETHER, activated thanks to European funding, amounting to € 487.956, under the Programme CIP-IEE Intelligent Energy for Europe / Mobilizing Local Energy Investments - MLEI, has as its purpose the implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency of buildings and public lighting of the municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Turin, for a minimum amount of approximately € 9.500.000, through new forms of partnership between public administrations and private investors.

The Metropolitan City of Turin is the project leader, the partners are the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin and Environment Park.

The main actions are:

  • energy audits of buildings in order to identify the most suitable among the ones candidated by the Municipalities;
  • involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises and their incentive to cluster in order to be competitive in large contracts;
  • research and promotion of new forms of contract, in line with the guidelines of the Energy Performance Contracting, and finding new opportunities for financial support through private investors;
  • coordination of Municipalities and group of interventions in order to form the critical mass necessary to obtain the best terms and conditions;
  • launch of one or more tenders for the implementation of the planned measures.


Short presentation of the project (pdf 1,2 MB)

FINAL PUBLICATION (in ISSUU only in Italian) "EPC contracts in Public Administration - 2020TOGETHER: model and results"
I contratti EPC per la Pubblica Amministrazione - 2020TOGETHER: il modello e i risultati
  • The project
  • The actors
  • The context
  • The process
  • Interventions in small-medium Municipalities
  • Torino. Revamping 2 project
  • Results and project indicators
  • Communication and networking
  • Obstacles and recommendations
  • Replicability
Download the publication (in English)  "EPC contracts in Public Administration - 2020TOGETHER: model and results" (pdf 6,3 MB)


Video: Interview to the mayors of the municipalities involved in the tender for the selection of an Energy Service Company (ESCO) for energy efficiency of public buildings
Duration: 07' 07"
Language: Italian


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