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The Metropolitan City of Turin is the leader in the international cooperation project named "Safe Health and Water Management". It aims at implementing measures to improve water distribution in the Lebanese territories mostly afflicted by the refugee emergency from Syria (almost 30% of the total Lebanese population).
The project is in continuity with a similar initiative carried out in 2005 in southern Lebanon, with the same local partnership.
The beneficiaries of the project are citizens, policy makers, farmers and technicians of the identified areas.
Historically, Lebanon has always been affected by water problems, but the situation deteriorated further as a result of the war in 2006, also by the plight of the of refugees from Syria.
The project aims at a participatory approach to the planning and management of water resources and the implementation of innovative solutions, through the following main activities:

  • Measures of water use efficiency through the control and reduction of water losses
  • Strengthening the competences of local administrators and specific training sessions for Lebanese technicians
  • Construction of a reservoir and water system able to cope with the water supply in the village of Hnaider-in Wadi Khaled Municipality
  • Increase the involvement of citizens in the proper use of water.


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Technical partner
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mappa Hnaider

Northern Lebanon, Hnaider village in Wadi Khaled Municipality where the demand for drinking water has increased due to the growth of the local population and the arrival of many Syrian refugees.



Direct Lebanese Beneficiaries
1,400 people inhabitant of the quarter - (714 females 686 males)
Direct Syrian beneficiaries
925 registered displaced inhabitants of the village
509 females and 416 males
Indirect Beneficiaries
All the surrounding villages especially the ones which used to deliver water from private wells to Hnaider residents. Indirect beneficiaries are mainly Knaisse and Quarha villages.


40 months from June 2015 to October 2018



Total cost (euro): 500.000,00
ATO3 funding (euro): 200.000,00
Partners cash contribution (euro): 75.000,00
Partners Enhanced Contribution (euro): 225.000,00




4 June 2018
Sala 1 Cinema Massimo, via Verdi 18 – 9.30 am
Final event of the project in the framework of the "21st Turin CinemAmbiente Festival"

Final event 4 June 2018
On June 4, 2018, within the Junior section of the "21st CinemAmbiente festival in Turin", the project results were presented and the medium-sized footage produced within the "So it flows: Water refugees citizens" project was projected.
The video, starting from the problems related to the supply and management of water, addresses the issues of the difficult situation of the Lebanese territories most affected by the emergency refugees, coming from Syria (almost 30% of the total Lebanese population).
All the partners took part in the event: 
the Metropolitan City of Turin
United Nations Program Development – UNDP 
the City of Turin, in conjunction with SMAT, technical partner
the Coordination of Municipalities for Peace, together with a referent for the "Operazione Colomba".
The work was opened with the greetings of the manager of CinemAmbiente, the Councilor for the International Affairs of the Metropolitan City of Turin, Anna Merlin and the President of ATO3 Torinese Antonio Massa, co-funder of the project.
During the morning, Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, Parrish priest of the Latin Community of St. Francis of Assisi in Aleppo, related his experience of the difficult situation in Aleppo and in Syria.
The showing of the medium-size footage "So it flows" was introduced by the creators of the video, who took part in the mission in Lebanon.
Moreover there were about 400 secondary school students involved in the communication action  "So it flows" of the project.
Programme of the event (pdf  410 KB)
Watch the trailer of  the video "So it flows: Water refugees citizens"
CinemAmbiente junior Programme


May 2018 - "So it flows: Water refugees citizens"action

Action So it flows
The Cocopa is realizing the activity of dissemination and communication of the project in Italy, envisaged by the "So it flows"action, at a number of schools selected among the Cocopa municipalities and also by means of meetings at local authorities.
The 10 of May in the presence of all the Italian partners, at the University of Turin, Campus Luigi Enaudi; the results of the project, the "So it flows" action will be shown and the Director  of the Malaak Center and referent for the peace proposal in Syria, will provide his own experience as a Syrian refugee in Lebanon. 


3-9  November 2017
Institutional mission in Beirut
The Metropolitan City of Turin, together with the UNDP Lebanese partner, organized an institutional mission at Beirut, in Lebanon, in which all the italian partners /(City of Turin and Cocopa), the metropolitan Councilor of International relations and a technician responsible for the SMAT, took part.
During the mission the following activities were carried out:
1) a visit of Wali Khaled with the UNDP technician responsible, to view the construction of the reservoir in Hnaider. During the visit the Mayors of the Municipalities Union of Wali Khaled and the Lebanese technicians met. The latter came to Turin for their technical training in March 2017.
2) Steering Committee of the project, with the presence of  all the  Italian and Lebanese  partners, to take stoke of the situation of the completed activities and to plan the future activities that need to be realized by the end of the project.
3) a meeting with the UNDP Lebanese responsible to assess the effects of the project and discuss possible future projects
4) a financial meeting for the management of the remaining funds
5) a meeting with the UNDP Press office to plan the realization of a docufilm, made in Lebanon, to communicate and promote the project in Italy
At this meeting was also present the italian director who,together with some selected university students, was asked to make the docufilm in Lebanon.

August 2017

Building the water tower
Drinking water supply works are on-going and the construction of the reservoir is nearly finished
Works are progressing well both as regards drinking water supply network and the construction of the reservoir, that will have a height of 20 meters and a capacity of 100 cubic meters. It will be completely built in the month of August 2017.


Turin, March 27- 31, 2017

Technical training in Turin 27-31 March


In the framework of the project, from 27th to 31st  of March 2017, Turin  hosts a Lebanese delegation for a study visit. The agenda includes a technical training session of two days on practical exercises: pipeline replacing, detection and management of water leakages, making safe and maintening a water pipeline. Furthermore the delegation visits a waste water treatment plant and the drinking water treatment plant of Torino.

Seat of SMAT


Technical training is carried out in cooperation with SMAT Società Metropolitana Acque Torino S.p.A. With the end of formation weeks, SMAT's teachers send diploma licences to the Lebanese delegation. Download the agenda (pdf 1,80 MB)

The handing out of the partecipation certificates to the Lebanese delegation

Diploma ceremony

Installation works of the water pipeline in Wadi Khaled area

Installation work of a water supply
After the excavation work, before laying the pipe in the trench, it was necessary to use fine sand materials to ensure a smooth surface below the pipe. In order to benefit the local residents, all fine materials were supplied from local sources. This has a great advantage in reducing the time needed to deliver the ordered quantity and to be always ahead schedule of works. After the installation of the pipeline, in order to ensure that there is no leakage or pressure drop in the installed pipes, it was essential to divide the water network into several zones and to do a pressure test for each one. 
The work will continue with the construction of a new water reservoir as an additional source for the domestic water, in Wadi Khaled - Hnaider Village.



Turin, May 13, 2016
Project presentation at the International Book Fair of Turin
The project was presented at the XXIX International Book Fair of Turin during a meeting organized by the City, dedicated to "Water, food, energy and innovation: experiences of international cooperation in the Middle East"

October 14, 2015
The SHWM project was presented during the Third World Forum of Local Economic Development which took place in Turin between 13th and 15th October 2015. The project was explained and promoted during a workshop dedicated to water management.

Preparatory Mission in Lebanon 2014

Preparatory Mission
June 2014
In June, the Metropolitan City of Turin, together with the Municipality of Turin, the Coordination Municipalities for Peace-Co.Co.Pa.- and the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP in Lebanon, carried out a preliminary exploratory mission in Beirut. It was attended by officials of the Province of Turin, the City of Turin and the Cocopa, the director of the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs and the UNDP Lebanon responsible.
They visited the area in northern Lebanon 5 km away from the Syrian border, to find the most appropriate place to accomplsh the different stages of the project.


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