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Campini d'Orléans

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The material collected in this archive comes from the library of Hélène d'Orléans, Duchess of Aosta, and General Otto Campini, her second husband.

These are letters, notes, sonnets and poems along with newspaper clippings, bibliographic cards, prayers, greeting cards, postcards, but also invoices, all found within the volumes themselves: traces of daily gestures, when a reading was interspersed with the arrival of correspondence, which was then abandoned inside the volume itself.

The corpus of the archive is composed of a set of papers written and received by the aforementioned Hélène and Otto, but also of papers concerning more or less close relatives and friends who gravitated around the family, as well as notes, reflections and photographs. This documentation, disorganized so to speak, has the merit of providing evidence of daily and family history, condensing a period of several decades into an image of normality.

The archive is made up of only two folders, in which the material is described by type and, when possible, by origin.