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Local ecosystem as an instrument to scale up innovative local start-up in eHealth topic


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Thanks to the support of the Piedmont Region the Metropolitan City of Turin is a partner of ecoRIS3 project, in which the pilot action eHealth Territorial Lab has been admitted to funding.

Digital technologies offer the dual advantage to completely innovate the entire health system and social welfare services as well. On one hand, this is a particulary relevant topic for people who live far away from main urban centers. On the other hand, innovative services in the eHealth sector could boost the development of both local communities and the start-up system. However, in order to achieve this goal, the necessary enabling technologies and knowledge have to be available for those who should use and develop these services.
The aim of eHealth TLAB pilot action is testing a four-helix horizontal place-based approach. This would bring together public sector, civil society, research and technology organizations, SMEs and industries, in order to:

  • develop new social-inclusive and territorial-centered business models;
  • improve living conditions of remote areas far from the urban core.

The goal is twofold: improving the share of services in local communities, tackling the abandonment of the territories, and providing the necessary knowledge and technologies in order to improve the territories attractiveness for eHealth companies.

The TLAB eHealth pilot is inspired by the good practice presented by Fomento San Sebastian, leader of the ecoRIS3 project. Togheter with Biodonostia, the first health research institute in the Basque Country, the good practice promotes innovation in public health services to address challenges such as aging and life's quality improvement.

The pilot kicks off from the Val Cenischia Municipalities (MoncenisioMompanteroVenaus e Novalesa) and the Municipality of Giaglione, involving Dr. Giuseppe Graffi, one of the family doctors of the area, and a group of patients identified for remote data sensing.

Key actors supporting the pilot action are the Local Health Authority, Torino 3, the Socio-Welfare Consortium Valle di Susa - Val Sangone.
The technical partner is the Top-IX Consortium. Furthermore, within the project collaborate other three partners: 2i3T for activities related to the used technologies research; Iren and Eolo which have enhanced the connectivity.

The Action Pilot on EcoRIS3 website
Pilot Deliverables: 

Newspaper articles and "Speciale"of Metropolitan City of Turin


15th November 2021 - eHealth TLab Pilot Action. Final meeting in Moncenisio
Big audience at the final meeting of the Pilot Action eHealth Tlab experimentation, titled "Local ecosystem as an instrument to scale up innovative local start-up i eHealth topic". The meeting helped to share the results and critical issues emerged during the pilot action and to imagine future areas of development and cooperation. The participants of the trail who were present in the room underlined their appreciation for a service that helped them to feel less alone and safer in their relationship with their family doctor. The same service also helped to keep high the people's level of well-being and quality of life, acting at a preventive level."

  • Agenda (pdf  188 KB)
  • Project presentation (pdf  1,2 MB)
  • Video of TOP-IX: EcoRIS3 - eHealth Territorial LAB Pilot action
  • Video of the meeting in Moncenisio - Città Metropolitana di Torino 
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