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The Metropolitan City of Turin has always been open to the international dimension, it promotes international relations through the strengthening of international partnerships, the construction of collaborative relationships and the adhesion to networks of institutions at international, local and European level.

It counts significant international presences such as the University of Turin, the Polytechnic and centers of excellence in the field of research, technology and innovation, in addition to UN agencies such as the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC ILO), the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) and the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC).

Through this section, the Metropolitan City of Turin, intends to provide an information service and initial orientation to allow interested parties to learn about internships, volunteering, training and work opportunities offered by national and international bodies and the CSO (Civil Society Organizations and other non-profit entities).

Browse the links below, to guide you through the complex world of international cooperation and select the opportunities that interest you: 

1) United Nations

2) International Organizations

3) Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI)

a) Study and job opportunities
b) Competitions for job opportunities at the MAECI
c) MAECI-MIUR-CRUI traineeship opportunities
The MAECI has signed a new agreement with the MIUR and with the Fondazione CRUI for the reactivation of the quarterly curricular internships at the Italian diplomatic missions abroad.
The internships at the Diplomatic Representations, Consular Offices and Italian Cultural Institutes of MAECI are intended for students - aged up to 28 years - enrolled in master's or single-cycle degree programs that allow access to the diplomatic career.
The curricular internships at Italian Cultural Institutes are also extended to students enrolled in other degree courses
d) Diplomatic Career
Requirements to be admitted to the diplomatic competition:
1) Italian citizenship
2) Age not more than 35 completed. The age limit can be raised for a maximum of three years in some cases specifically provided for in the regulation 
3) One of the following academic qualifications (master's degrees/master's degrees or undergraduate degrees of the previous university system in the three main strands of political science/ international relations, law, economics) and any other equivalent by law, obtained in Italy at the university or university education institutions. Candidates with an academic qualification issued by a country of the European Union are admitted to competition tests, provided that they have been treated as equivalent to one of those indicated in the regulation
4) Psycho-physical fitness to allow the diplomatic activity to be carried out both at the Central Administration and at foreign offices, and in particular those with discomfort characteristics
5) Enjoyment of political rights
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4) Italian Development Cooperation Agency

a) Open positions 
b) Other job opportunities in international cooperation
c) Training opportunities in international cooperation
The Italian Development Cooperation Agency intends to act as an operational platform for the Italian system of cooperation, strengthen it and make it a protagonist in the fight against poverty, the promotion of peace, the defense of rights and the construction of sustainable development. On the site are published from time to time tenders related to the search of personnel to be included in Italian development cooperation projects.

5) Civil Society Organizations and other No-Profit Organizations

6) Italy International Civil Service (SCI Italia) and National Civil Service (Italy)

SCI Italia is the Italian branch of Service Civil International, an international volunteer network active since 1920, second only to the international Red Cross in terms of longevity. It is an NGO recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Advisory Member of UNESCO and the Council of Europe. A volunteer camp has a duration varying from 10 days to 3 weeks, while long-term volunteer projects (LTV) da 1 a 12 mesi. from 1 to 12 months. The choice is wide: Italy or Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America.
For more information:
a) Methods of participation in voluntary camps
b) List and description of international volunteer camps projects
For Italian National Civil Service you can consult the page dedicated on the website of the Metropolitan City of Turin, section "Social Policies".

7) Eu Aid Volunteers

Eu Aid Volunteers is an international volunteer initiative promoted and funded by the Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection of the European Union.
All European citizens of age can become Eu Aid Volunteers: from those who are more experienced and have technical skills, to those who are at first experience.
The European Union distinguishes between: Junior Volunteer, less than 5 years of experience and Senior Volunteer, more than 5 years of experience. There are various opportunities for volunteering propose for candidates interested in gaining experience in humanitarian aid.

8) European Solidarity Corps and SVE


Please note that the information on this site is for information only, for further information, contact the institution or association that propose the offer.

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