Cooperazione internazionale

International Cooperation

The Metropolitan City of Turin- with the International and European Relations and Projects Department- intends to contribute actively, including through associations and local government networks, to the development of peace, solidarity and intercultural, social and economic dialogue on an international level, realizing appropriate entertainment and dissemination of information activities about development cooperation, initiatives and projects to affirm the values expressed by the United Nations in the Millenium Declaratation.

In practical terms, the Metropolitan City undertakes to promote the following activities in Third Countries:

Evaluation and support for cooperation projects; transfer of know-how; operations to support populations affected by environmental, social and health emergencies; education and awareness of the local community.

Beneficiaries (in the metropolitan area):
Local authorities; private and public institutions and bodies; Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), consortia, NGOs and voluntary associations.

Implementation instruments:
Directly managed projects; agreements and memoranda of understanding; financial and material contributions (medicines and equipment); Membership in network local authorities of international concern.

International and European Relations and Projects Department
tel. +39 011 861 2653

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