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Avogadro di Collobiano-Nazari di Novara

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The large Avogadro family, divided into several independent strands, has been present among the archives in the Library since the 1960s.
This Fund is formed by the family cards of the Avogadro of Novara, enfeoffed of Lessolo and Collobiano, and, in small part, of the cousin line of the Avogadro of Casalgiate. The presence, together with the Avogadro archive, of a section of papers from the Nazari archive of Novara is due to the marriage of Giuseppe Avogadro (b. 1739) with Paola Nazari De Carli.
Here are placed the remarkable series of letters from the political prison of Vigevano of the Marquis Luigi Nazari De Carli (1799 - 1800) and other interesting documents for the reconstruction of the biography of this original character.

Overall, the archive is a fundamental source for the analytical reconstruction of large pieces of history, both urban and rural, of Vercelli and the Vercelli countryside, for four centuries. To the two main groups are aggregated some limited collections of documents not directly related to the two main families.
A part of them belonged to the Nazari archive with the words Foreign papers, the rest is of unidentifiable origin, due to the lack of inventory data and only in some cases has a territorial coherence with Novara and Vercelli, scope of the two major archives.