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Mayors, Presidents and Political representatives of the European Metropolitan Cities and areas gathered in Turin for the European Metropolitan Authorities Forum 2016 (EMA) agree that:

  1. Metropolitan areas are primary drivers of the global economy, the engines of European economic growth and the keystones of national competitiveness. Moreover, metropolitan areas are fundamental for national development and social cohesion policies.

  2. Metropolitan areas are centres of job creation, investment attraction, research and innovation, education, environmental sustainability and resilience policy, cultural and creative arts, migration and social inclusion; as such they need to be completely engaged in these policy areas to meet the needs of their citizens.

  3. Effective metropolitan governance has a positive impact on the greater city-region, fostering economic growth and social development at a regional scale.

  4. Metropolitan authorities must be considered strategic partners in defining the European Urban Agenda and must form a cornerstone of the overall framework of that agenda. Furthermore, we urge the EU to move quickly to adopt this Urban Agenda and recognise metropolitan authorities as direct beneficiaries of European funding dedicated to metropolitan policies.

  5. The ‘Pact of Amsterdam’ represents an invaluable opportunity for the deliberation of a European Urban Agenda and we urge the European Council to adopt this ‘Pact’ and its goals next June.

  6. National and regional governments must recognise metropolitan authorities and engage with them to develop policy at the metropolitan level.

  7. In a globalised world metropolitan areas must approach common challenges through shared best practices and joint action. In order to foster mutual learning EMA organisers will cultivate new collaborations with the European forums and networks for local authorities, including EUROCITIES, METREX, MEDCITIES, METROPOLIS and the Committee of the Regions of the European Union. Meanwhile, EMA organisers will seek to foster engagement with non-EU metropolitan areas that share common economic development and social inclusion objectives.

  8. The European metropolitan authorities who gathered in Barcelona in 2015 and in Turin in 2016 wish to continue their cooperation. The next EMA Forum will take place in Lyon, France in 2017. The Metropolitan City of Turin and Metropolitan Area of Barcelona commit to a technical secretariat to support the planning of EMA 2017.

The declaration has been endorsed by: Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, Metropolitan Area of Lyon, Metropolitan City of Milan, Metropolitan Region of Stuttgart, City of Nice, City of Warsaw, Metropolitan Area of Barcelona,City of Catania, City of Hannover, City of Poznan, City of Thessaloniki, City of Bilbao, City of Florence, City of Tirana, Metropolitan Area of Porto, City of Vienna, City of Paris, Metropolitan City of Genoa, City of Palermo, City of Atene, City of Madrid, City of Lodz, City of Amsterdam, City of Colonia.

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(12 gennaio 2016)