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Fusi Valdo ed Edoarda

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Together with the rich library, Edoarda Biglio, widow of Valdo Fusi, wanted to donate to the Province of Turin also the copious archive of her husband, integrated with the many papers she produced especially in relation to the work of dissemination and posthumous knowledge of the Valdo's figure. In this sense, Edoarda's commitment has been a real act of love towards an original, creative, sensitive personality of mirrored linearity, political and ideological. The analysis of the papers, especially the important correspondence of Valdo, reveals many new aspects of his activity, some, as the ecological consciousness ante litteram and the battles against the consumption of soil, pollution, the destruction of the artistic heritage, particularly early in the 1960s and 1970s. But the master is undoubtedly the documents relating to the partisan war and the Swiss period, first as a refugee, then as a patient after the fatal accident in Val Formazza and the difficult operation that saved his life. The interweaving of the personal events of the correspondents and Valdo himself builds a story that goes far beyond the already splendid pages he entrusted to the volume Fiori rossi al Martinetto. As completely unpublished is the reconstruction that emerges from the Roman epistolary with the family at the time of the first legislature, and just as important is the documentation relating to the numerous positions held by Valdo in Turin in the following years (Tourist Board, President of the Mauritian Order, etc.). Also the numerous writings and oratorios are testified capillary, together with the vast work of construction of his image and of his fame operated by his wife.

The order of the archive is roughly chronological, and includes a large initial block related to Valdo Fusi, a second relative to Edoarda, and a third to the Biglio-Gerbi family. Particularly rich and significant is the section dedicated to photographs.