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Servais Jean

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Jean Servais, was born in France in Joinville in 1823 but lived in Piedmont in particular, for long years, in the upper Canavese in Favria, where he died in 1893.

The archive contains several letters and documents from 1849 to 1893.
In the Dictionnaire International des écrivains du jour by A. De Gubernatis Servais is described and cited as Littérateur et auteur dramatique.
He is, in fact, the author of the tragedies Eléonore de Guyenne, Constance de Bretagne, Frédégonde, l'Inquisiteur and of a volume of fables and short stories published in Turin in 1891, with the title Au coin du feu. Fables et contes.
Overall, the archive collects mainly documents that testify to the activity of Iean Servais as "Attorney General of the illustrious Lady Marquise of St. Thomas" and in this quality, in fact, received letters from various persons to deal with matters of common administration. (This explains the presence of some of these documents in the Carrone archive of Saint Thomas).

Among the material contained in the archive there are also, some verses written for his wife Rosalia and an autograph letter by son Alessandro Dumas, who from Paris, on 8th July 1887, replied to Servais who had sent him a copy of his tragedy the Inquisiteur.
Cards, letters, letters and documents have been gathered in a single deck that includes four files.
In the first and in the second one are contained the documents relating to Jean Servais; the third concerns the direct correspondence to Rosalia Germano, his wife, with historical information also on the fief of Favria signed by Rosalia herself and selected by various printed works; in the last, the fourth, are collected some papers that relate to the real estate he owns.