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Documenti storici del Monferrato

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The archive Historical Documents of Monferrato is a collection that includes nine files with documents and historical documents related to Casale and Monferrato. The first issue is composed of a notebook in the final part, in which are transcribed some documents concerning the civil history of Monferrato and Casale.
One of the most interesting issues is certainly the one containing news about the Roman military roads of Monferrato: "Casale 1765. Reach over the ancient military roads of Monferrato made by the C.F.M of Casale, C.D.P. and already A.P. of this D." It's in fact an important study of the Roman antiquities of Basso Monferrato.
Inside the archive there are also lists of notaries Casalesi: "Ancient families of Casale who were noted or descended or received the notary" and a list of the countries of Monferrato with information on the churches and property of these: "State of the parochial churches, cares, ecclesiastical benefits and abbeys of the Duchy of Monferrato, their titles, obligations, incomes and dependencies".
The inventory alternates between the presentation and the list of documents contained in the collection, comments and postings in order to contextualize and give a more in-depth view of the historical periods that the acts in the archive reflect.