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Combetti Celestino

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Celestino Combetti, lawyer and archivist born in Turin in 1802, Secretary General of the Royal State Archives, in the middle of the nineteenth century, received from many people various requests for the examination of documents relating to studies and publications.
Combetti collected letters, minute and requests with the major "signatures", thus constituting a remarkable and particular autographic collection in which distinguished names such as, for example, those of Nicomede Bianchi politician, patriot, Italian academic and senator of the Kingdom of Italy in the XIV legislature, of the French politician Pantaleone Costa di Beauregard, of Luigi Des Ambrois de Nevache Italian jurist and politician, Cesare Saluzzo, historian and general belonging to the family of the Counts Saluzzo of Monesiglio, and others.

The letters, as a whole, mainly concern requests for consultation permits and extracts of documents, with some exceptions such as the collection of supplications and letters of the Italian abbot and historian Goffredo Casalis.