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Baudino - Naretto

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It is the archive of the Canavese Michele Naretto, teacher of history and philosophy in secondary school, reorganized and catalogued in the family home of San Benigno Canavese by his wife Maria Carla Lamberti, professor for many years of Economic History at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Turin.
The oldest papers date back to the last decade of the nineteenth century and consist of a rich correspondence between members of the Baudino family who emigrated to the United States (Colorado) and their loved ones who remained in Rivarolo Canavese. The myth of America also exerts its charm on the next generation and a grandson Naretto goes around 1920 to reach his maternal uncles, hoping for a fortune that he will never conquer. Particularly significant was his correspondence to his parents and his brother.
The Baudino-Naretto family donated the archive to the library of the Metropolitan City of Turin in 2021 with the stated intention of guaranteeing a future to the documentation material, a valuable source of information for scholars of local history.