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The EUROPE DIRECT information centres belong to the network of the official information centers of the European Union, which has 44 centres in Italy and almost 500 across Europe. The information centres answer questions about the EU, its institutions and policies and funding opportunities, promoting political debate at local and regional level.

Since 1998, the Province of Turin (today Metropolitan City of Turin) has signed an agreement, renewed every 5 years, with the European Commission DG COMM (Directorate-General for Communication). The Europe Direct Turin centre actively cooperates with the European Parliament Information Office in Italy as well as several official information centres with specific expertise based in Piedmont, with the aim of spreading information about the EU at a local level.

At the information desks it is possible to receive information about the European Union programs and initiatives, obtain support in navigating EU websites, consult documents and obtain free copies of European Union and Europe Direct publications and information booklets.

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Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9.00-16.00 / Wednesday and Friday 9.00-13.00 / Monday by appointment only

Address: Inghilterra 7, Turin, ground floor

Contacts: (+39) 011 8616430 - 31 

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Opening hours: every Wednesday 10.00-16.00

Address: Biblioteca Gianni Merlini, Campus Luigi Einaudi (CLE), Lungo Dora Siena 100, Turin

Contacts: (+39) 011 6708969 

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Opening hours: every Thursday 10.00-16.00

Indirizzo: Inghilterra 7, Torino, ROOM 06, ground floor

Contacts: (+39) 011 8616430 - 31